Summer Patio Wine Party

Patio Required, Just Add Wine. Our hearts break when we want to order our favourite bottle of wine in a restaurant and notice that the price is marked up 2-3 times what it retails in the BC Liquor Store.  We love the buzz of Vancouver summer nights out, but our wallets don't! Shortly after our … Continue reading Summer Patio Wine Party

The Winecouverites Take On Naramata 

(Continued from The WInecouverites Take on Oliver...) The next morning, we headed to Naramata, for three final tastings before we headed home.  We highly recommend these three wineries because they have each pulled off a perfect trifecta of award-winning wines, breathtaking scenery, and delicious food: Hillside, Poplar Grove, and Lakebreeze Wineries.   You will not … Continue reading The Winecouverites Take On Naramata