Big Bold Wines at Little Engine 

The little engine that could...not get us to leave! Just kidding. We left. Eventually. It's hard when they have a gorgeous tasting room and patio, sweeping views of Okanagan lake and vineyards, and tiers of delicious wine to taste.  You can choose between two tastings - 5 selections from their premium platinum, gold and silver … Continue reading Big Bold Wines at Little Engine 

Kanazawa Wine 

You won't get killed here, but the wine is killer. Seriously, the place looks like a murder shack, so don't drive away.  Go to neighbouring Poplar Grove for the views and big winery experience, get that out of your system, then come here. This is a must visit winery in the Okanagan.  Winemaker Richard Kanazawa … Continue reading Kanazawa Wine 

The Winecouverites Take On Naramata 

(Continued from The WInecouverites Take on Oliver...) The next morning, we headed to Naramata, for three final tastings before we headed home.  We highly recommend these three wineries because they have each pulled off a perfect trifecta of award-winning wines, breathtaking scenery, and delicious food: Hillside, Poplar Grove, and Lakebreeze Wineries.   You will not … Continue reading The Winecouverites Take On Naramata