Wine Therapy To Get Through Retail Therapy, at Bistro Verde in Nordstrom

Might be cheaper to just get real therapy, but that depends on how many glasses of wine you order. Either way, we found the perfect shopping break location, at Bistro Verde. On the sixth floor of Nordstrom, it has sweeping views overlooking Robson Street, and a dark, brooding interior that makes you forget that you’re in the middle of a fluorescent-lit department store in the mall. On the rare occasion that online shopping doesn’t work out, and we have to brave the mall, we like to zip through Nordstrom (one stop shop), then escalate to the sixth floor for some wine to de-escalate our shopping anxiety. One minute of shopping followed by three hours of food and drink is a good ratio.

They had a Dine Out Vancouver menu which looked tempting and a good value, but we decided to share some flatbread and have a couple glasses of wine instead. They don’t have an extensive wine list, and it is a bit pricey. $12.50 for a glass of Cono Sur Chardonnay and $14 for a glass of Poplar Grove Pinot Gris are tough to order when we know we can buy the whole bottle for $14.99 and $18 respectively, at the liquor store. But, you’re paying for a quiet shopping refuge, away from bright department store lighting. And you can’t put a price on that. Well, actually you can. And it’s about four times the retail price of the wine. But, for the occasional shoppers that we are, we don’t mind splurging, and we appreciate the close proximity to the registers. We don’t even have to leave the mall once we’ve made our shopping purchases. We can just walk a few meters and have a glass of wine in our hands within minutes.

While we wouldn’t choose this destination exclusively for its wine therapy, we like Bistro Verde as part of the retail/wine therapy package. Its convenience, ambiance, and proximity to the sport we despise make it worth the occasional pricey glass of wine.

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