Toasted Head Chardonnay Keeping Me Toasty During Snowpacalypse

I’m in Toronto right now and it is freezing! This Vancouver girl cannot handle -11C.  I just bought some Sorels, but it never occurred to me that I’d be mentally unprepared to leave the house.  You can have all the snow boots and goose down coats you want, but looking out the window and getting the motivation to brave the outdoors is another story (I have so many questions before I go out there: is there such thing as a warming mascara that prevents ice from building up on your eyelashes? Are balaclavas cool for people who aren’t planning a robbery? Do I have to hold my breathe so my lungs don’t freeze?).

KD and Wine for the win

When conditions are this grave, you play Iron chef with whatever you can find in your cupboards. Thank god I stocked up on wine before this inclement weather emerged!
Today’s dinner was a mac n cheese cookoff, with a box of KD, and some random ingredients to make my own. KD won. You just can’t mess with Canada’s boxed meal. 

An update on Canada’s favourite boxed dinner

I had a chilled bottle of creamy Toasted Head Chardonnay in my fridge, which was the perfect pairing for Mac n cheese. I picked this California wine up at the liquor store, on sale right now for $15.95 (from $18.95).  Fellow Winecouverites, it’s also on sale at BC Liquor Stores right now for $15.49 (from $17.75).  This is the perfect post-holiday savings! 

I’m off now to do an inventory and ration the contents of my fridge.  Please leave me a comment with your tips for dealing with non-Vancouver winters (aside from hiding inside with copious amounts of wine).  

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